Farm Succession Coordinators

The International Farm Transition Network has conducted extensive trainings and certified hundreds of Farm Succession Coordinators since 2013. These farm service providers have received 20 hours of instruction on issues frequently encountered by farm families and many different tools and approaches to help you navigate and plan for the ongoing process of transitioning your farm business to a successor.

It is important, however, that you take some time to select a farm succession coordinator that is a good fit for your family. Coordinators will also ask you questions and try to get a feel for whether they are comfortable establishing a professional relationship with you and coordinating your farm transition process over a number of months and/or years. Simply selecting a coordinator from the list does not guarantee a successful coordination relationship, and the IFTN does not guarantee farm families’ satisfaction or the performance of these certified professionals by posting their contact information as a possible farm succession resource.

***Recommendation***  Follow this link to a list of Questions for Farm Succession Coordinators that may assist you in determining whether that person would be a good match for your farm and your family.

Search the locations below to find a Certified Farm Succession Coordinator in your area.