Farm Succession Coordinator Certification Training

The IFTN provides a 20-hour training spanning 2 1/2 days for individuals wanting to work with farm families and coordinate their farm business succession planning process.  Succession planning is not only the transfer of assets, but also the transfer of labor, skills and decision making. It requires financial analysis to ensure the business can support the goals of all the members and requires planning and communication skills. Many farm businesses are realizing the importance of creating a succession plan and the value of a skilled facilitator to lead the process of clarifying their goals and ideas, exploring options, and coordinating communication. A facilitated process can lead to better informed business planning and estate planning decisions.

Who should attend this training?  Attorneys, Extension Educators, Accountants, Tax Planners, Farm Business Instructors, Estate Planners, Financial Advisors, Ag Lenders, Farm Management Company or Association Staff, Conservation Specialists, Mediators, Farm Family Consultants, etc.

Check out the Events page for upcoming FSC certification trainings and register today!

Returning to the Farm seminars

The IFTN Founder & Chair John Baker collaborates with and presents at Iowa State University Extension Beginning Farmer Center’s multi-day seminars for farm families interested in and/or beginning the process of farm succession planning. Participants learn about the components of farm succession planning, complete exercises designed to clarify ideas about what transition might look like, and walk away equipped to continue the ongoing process of transferring management duties, assets, and debt to the identified successor(s).

Visit the Beginning Farmer Center’s Events page to view upcoming seminars and register today!  If you are a farm family in the process of transitioning a farm business to a successor, also check out the Coordinators page for a listing of coordinators who may assist you throughout the succession planning process.